Yellow Bike Project

Program Updates:


Third Saturday Bike Sales – Oct 17

Refurbished bikes of all shapes and sizes
Locks, lights, helmets and patch kits also available.
Bike sales have started, and continues every 3rd Saturday,
9 AM – Noon at Yellow Bike, 1216 Webberville Road

Our Parking lot was filled with forty+ refurbished bikes

Face mask and social distancing required. Sale will be outdoors. Test rides, used parts and access to shop not available.


Pilot Program: Selected Parts Sales, Tuesdays 2-5:30 PM

On Tuesdays, we will be selling selected used parts from our inventory. Check the Schedule to see what parts will be offered on a given day.
Face mask and social distancing required. Sale will be outdoors at the parking lot gate. Shoppers will not have access to the yard nor the shop. Only designated parts will be available for sale. Oct 20th will be our second parts sales. We will only be selling derailleurs , both front and rear, on the 20th. Please do not ask for other parts.

Susan selling V-brakes and inner tubes


Open to receive your donations of bikes, parts and accessories.
Tuesdays 2 – 6 PM

While our shop doors remain closed to the public, we are able to accept drop-off donations of bicycles, parts, and accessories on Tuesday afternoons from 2pm to 6pm. We have received an overwhelming number of messages from all y’all who are eager to give, and we hope that many of you can pay us a visit and pass along those trusty (rusty?) old rides. When dropping off a donation, please remain in your vehicle (or on your bike!) and dial 512-524-5299 so that we can assist you as safely as possible.


Volunteer Workshops – More openings

We are welcoming volunteers back into our Community Bike Shop. We increased our capacity from 4 to 6 in each of our workshops.
WHO: Volunteers wanting to help YBP serve our cycling community.
WHAT: Volunteer workshops to refurbish bikes, organize parts, etc. 
(unlike Community Workshop, volunteers may not work on their own bikes or projects).
WHEN: Every Monday and Thursday 6-9 PM. Reservation required. Walk-ins cannot be accommodated, sorry.
WHERE: 1216 Webberville Road.

Luke adjusting a derailleur, and Erica overhauling a coaster brake hub.

Please Note: The COVID-19 pandemic means we can’t just open the doors to everyone. We plan to host two or three volunteers with one or two facilitating YBP coordinators . If you’re still interested in volunteering, please reserve your YBP bench space and shop time here and read and acknowledge YBP’s COVID-19 hygiene protocols (on the booking page).  Reservations will be available four weeks from the current date. Space is strictly limited to six people, including YBP coordinators, so reserve your bench time soon.

The Shop will be open on Mondays and Thursdays only to those who reserve bench time. Walk ins cannot be admitted. Volunteers who reserve bench time will receive a reservation confirmation with a telephone number to call when they arrive at the shop. Volunteers should bring their own face masks and water bottles.


Earn-a-Bike is Partially reinstated

Please review YBP’s Earn-a-Bike form. It explains the program and divides it into two supervised repair checklists: the first performed by E-a-B participants on any bikes YBP plans to donate; the second on the frameset participants earn on the first checklist. You may complete the first checklist at Volunteer Shops and the second at Community or Open Shops. YBP is only hosting Volunteer Shops right now (see above) because of the pandemic. The checklists are self-paced and because the pool of E-a-B framesets come from donations, YBP cannot guarantee that there will be 1) one you like or 2) one that fits you when you’re ready to choose one.


Bike Donation Programs


As always, the first and most important part of our mission is to provide free bikes to those who would not otherwise have access. For the last fifteen months, ending in July, our Create-A-Commuter program has equipped 150 high-quality used bicycles with helmets, locks, lights, racks, panniers, and resources for safe urban cycling. Create-A-Commuter participants have come to us through twenty-one nonprofit organizations including Refugee Services of Texas, Caritas of Austin, Integral Care, Community First! Village, Foundation Communities. YBP’s work on this program has been completed under the partnership with the City of Austin.

Kate picking up two bikes for her casework clients.

Volunteer Led efforts

A small team of volunteers continues to refurbishing bikes for our community partners, and schools. In the past 60 days, 24 bikes have left the shop to new riders in need of transportation to work, school, and errands. In anticipation of our upcoming holiday bike give-away, additional efforts to build an inventory of “kids” bikes is a underway. Our reopened Volunteer Workshops is also providing support in these efforts. Thank you !!



Unfortunately our Women/Trans/Femme  workshop is on hiatus.  When revived, come hang out! Come wrench with us! No experience necessary.

This workshop is run similarly to our Community Workshops but in a supportive, all Women/Trans/Femme (WTF) atmosphere.

WTF hours are open to anyone who identifies as female, transgender, femme, genderqueer, trans-masculine, trans-feminine, or feels that their socialization or treatment as a woman, transperson, and/or femme has impeded their participation in bicycle mechanics.

(WTF language borrowed from the BICAS -Bicycle Inter-Community Art and Salvage website)

Bring your own bike project (or see what we have!) and use our tools with W/T/F-identifying mechanics on hand to guide you and answer your questions.  Learn how to fix your bike, earn a bike through our Earn-a-Bike program or volunteer around the shop.

Yellow Bike Project is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that has been working since 1997 to get more bikes on the streets of Austin by operating community bike shops, teaching bike mechanics and maintenance, and acting as a local bike advocacy group. To learn about all the different ways you can use the shop, click here!

We realize that YBP is many things to many people. For everyone eager to purchase a bicycle or replace your parts, get your hands on that one weird tool you need, or volunteer and learn mechanics all at the same time, we see you, and we hope we can serve you soon.

Love and solidarity,


Yellow Bike Project
1216 Webberville Rd
Austin, TX 78721

YBP welcomes donation of money or goods from any person or institution with the condition that the YBP name or logo is not used for promotional uses. If approved by YBP, case by case exceptions may be granted.