in solidarity with our TRANS siblings…

“Transit Havana” film screening & learning how to be a trans ally with TRANSGENDER EDUCATION NETWORK OF TEXAS

In solidarity with our transgender siblings we would like to invite you to a film screening of “Transit Havana” and a Q&A with the TRANSGENDER EDUCATION NETWORK OF TEXAS: “How to be an ally?”. The screening of “Transit Havana” will be preceded by a screening of a 7-minute film “The Real Thing”.


7:30 PM Meet at Parque Zaragoza

7:40 PM Departure from Parque Zaragoza & bike 2.5 Miles to Yellow Bike (screening location)

8:00 PM Arrive at Yellow Bike (sunset at 8:08 PM)

8:05 PM Q&A with TENT 

8:15 PM Film screening | Bring a blanket/chair  | FREE ADMISSION

The Real Thing”, dir. B Kelley (7 min., 11 sec.)

“The film was made to be a bridge for trans kids and families to help others understand, both within the family and friends. It’s part of a larger goal of normalizing the trans experience so we can get rid of the “will they/won’t they love and support their child” mindset. Also the lead, Sophie, is trans.” – dir. B Kelley

Transit Havana”, dir. Daniel Abma (88 min) 

Is Cuba changing into a safe haven for trans people? For more than one year, filmmakers Daniel Abma and Alex Bakker followed the three main characters Odette, Juani and Malú and show how they deal with the reality of being transgender in Cuba. As ‘new heroes of the revolution’ they still face religious intolerance, discrimination, sexism, poverty and often a life in prostitution. Meanwhile they wait for the foreign surgeons to give them what they want most in life. Are their names among the five on this year’s surgery list? 

10:00 PM Group ride to after party location: Violet Crown Social Club (VCSC):

  • VCSC: Special Cuban Drinks: Mojitos & Mocktails (non-alcoholic Mojitos)
  • Jewboy Sliders Food Truck: Special Cuban Inspired Sliders


  • Foster empathy for transgender people through a free film screening of TRANSIT HAVANA and presenting the work of Transgender Education Network of Texas
  • Create awareness of the work being done by the Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT) 
  • Show solidarity with the transgender communities
  • Utilize Yellow Bike as a safe space for marginalized members of our community
  • Encourage use of bicycles as transportation to and from multiple locations


Ride Bikes Austin | Yellow Bike | Transgender Education Network of Texas


Black History Bike Ride | Brooklyn Bike Doctor | Ride Bikes Austin | Violet Crown Cycling

Special thanks to the director of “Transit Havana Daniel Abma and to the film distributor, Rise and Shine World Sales. Also, special thanks to B Kelley, the director of “The Real Thing”.