We have several different types of shops. Please make sure the scheduled shop you are planning to visit will meet your needs. Shops are often very busy, and workstations can fill up quickly. Please arrive as early as you can, and be aware that you may have to wait a while for a stand to open up.

  • Retail Hours: Shop open for sales and to accept donations ONLY. If you need to fix your bike or would like to volunteer, please attend an Open or Volunteer Shop.
  • Community Shop Hours
    • Community Workshops: Use the shop to fix up your own bike OR volunteer.
    • Volunteer Workshops: All volunteers are welcome, but you can’t work on your own bike.
    • Experienced Mechanic Workshops: For special occasions we need people who know how to work on bikes without our help, or with minimal oversight from shop coordinators so we can produce a larger number of donations.
    • Education Classes: Adult and Youth specific classes offered at affordable prices.
    • WTF (Women/Trans/Femme): Yes! Women, Trans and Femmes have a bike shop of their own at YBP. We know that bike mechanics is not a “male thing” but we also know that some people may feel intimidated by the gender construct that weighs heaviliy on it. YBP has hosted “Lady Bike” shops for some time with different degrees of frequency, but always with great success. So now we upped a notch both in frequency and in scope. We’ll have a “Women/Trans/Femme” bike shop from 11am to 3pm the second Sunday of every month for the foreseeable future hosted by female professional bike mechanic and coordinators. Women, Trans and Femmes will always be welcome at all our shops. But if you would rather be in a bro free bike shop, now you have that space once a month. Yes, Dude-Free WTF at YBP!
    • Collective Meetings: The Collective Meeting is held on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm. Our meetings are open to the public. If you would like to learn more about YBP’s internal workings and consensus decision-making, get more involved, begin apprenticing, or make a request of the Collective, this is the forum for you. For those in the community contributing ideas or making requests, the Public Input portion of the meeting begins at 8pm. Please bring the most concise, concrete proposal you can. It’s also a good idea to email us your proposal ahead of time.

Our Shop Schedule is reset at each month’s Collective Meeting, and continues through the week of the Collective meeting. Please be sure to check the schedule on the website or give us a call before heading out to the shop.