YBP’s Shop Log Software (YBDB)

Many community bike shops have requested use of the database that we use to track volunteer and personal hours as well as transactions. Below is information on how to install the software and get started.

Download Zip File with PHP Pages and MySQL Database Structure: Version 2.2 (2014-07-24)

System Requirements
This is a web application that need to run on a server supporting the following
MySQL Databases

About the Software and Installation
It uses a MySQL database on the back end and PHP served pages on the front end to generate the webpages you view. There are two parts to installing this: The database installation and uploading the PHP files to your hosting. Let me know if you have any questions. Make sure to password protect it with htaccess if you put it on the web so search engines can’t get in to alter the data through the interface.

The database structure is in the root of the zip file: “ybdb.sql”. The rest is all of the php files. In the connections folder YBDB.php is where you input the database connection info. There is a feature that invites new users to our google groups newsletter list automatically so those settings would need to be changed. Also there is a serverside time zome correction in connections\database_functions>function:”local_datetime” of the PHP files.

If this is all gibberish talk to someone who understands PHP and MySQL (this is most people who do web development).