Kids’ Programs


Nurturing young cyclists and budding mechanics is one of YBP’s most important goals. Most of us first fell in love with bikes as kids. YBP’s youth programming aims to make that two-wheeled joy accessible to all children, while also offering lessons in mechanics, community, outdoor activity, and all that our favorite machine can help teach. Read on to learn more about some of our kids’ programs and special projects.

Youth Earn-a-Bike

Youth Earn-a-Bike is an abbreviated version of our grown-up Earn-a-Bike program for kids under the age of 16. Youth can pick out a bike for themselves, which they earn by fully overhauling it, completing the same skills checklist as adult Earn-a-Bikers. Youth Earn-a-Bike enrollment is limited—ask a coordinator how to get started.

School and Organizational Partnerships

YBP has partnered with a host of schools and organizations to help provide bicycles and tools for children’s classes, after-school activities, summer camps, and personal use. Past partners have included elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the Austin Independent School District, the Boys and Girls Club, Communities in Schools, Summer of H.E.R.O.E.S., Big Brothers Big Sisters, and more. YBP aid has ranged from free bikes to toolsets and instruction to special “closed shop” use of our Webberville facilities. Teachers, administrators, and program directors seeking YBP’s assistance with YBP aid can contact YBP via email. Feel free to attend our monthly Collective Meeting to make a proposal, or just to get an idea of how we can help.

Kids’ Bike Giveaways

On those occasions when we find ourselves with a surplus of training wheels and coaster brakes, YBP loves nothing more than giving away some good old-fashioned free bikes! Unlike our namesake rides, a free kids’ bike is intended to be kept by a single child until they’ve outgrown it. The more kids’ bikes that are donated and the more volunteers who visit to fix ’em up, the more fun these giveaways are. One of our favorites was at our 14th birthday party and first anniversary of the Webberville shop in 2011, where we kicked off the festivities by getting 50 kids on some fresh wheels.