Sidebar – Schedule

See our Calendar of Scheduled Events

Donations are accepted Tuesdays thru Saturday.  Feel free to remain in your vehicle (or on your bike!) and dial 512-524-5299 for assistance.  See the details in Program updates or the calendar schedule. 

Sales of bikes and part are Tuesdays thru Saturday from 12-5pm.  See the details in Program updates or the calendar schedule. 

Reservations update: 
The Volunteer shops and the daytime Wednesday Community Workshops still require reservations. See links below for reserving time for those shops.
Our evening Community Workshops and WTF shops no longer requiring reservations. Please click on the schedule link above to see current shop availability.

As a reminder,
During Community Workshops and WTF shops you can volunteer,  work on your personal project, or your Earn-a-Bike checklists.
During volunteer-only shops you cannot work on personal projects nor your 2nd Earn-a-Bike checklist.
WTF hours are open to anyone who. identifies as female, transgender, femme, genderqueer, trans-masculine, trans-feminine, or feels that their socialization or treatment as a woman, transperson, and/or femme has impeded their participation in bicycle mechanics.

Reserve time to volunteer ONLY (includes your first Earn-a-Bike checklist)

Reserve time for Wednesday daytime Community Workshop (includes your first or second Earn-a-Bike checklist)