Volunteer Your Time

paulThe Yellow Bike Project happens through volunteer labor and community support. We ask that all those who use the shop volunteer time equal to what they use for their own personal projects. You don’t have to know anything about bikes to volunteer! In fact, most our volunteers have little or no experience wrenching when they first arrive. As you work on bikes for the community, you’ll be getting a hands-on education in mechanics and repair.

Volunteer tasks include fixing up adult and kid bikes, sorting parts, organizing and cleaning the shop, and more. These are all good ways to learn about bikes, bike parts, and how to use all those specialty tools you see all around the shop.

If you are interested in volunteering to learn, earn a bike, or generally contribute, simply show up during open hours and talk to a shop coordinator to get started. No need to commit to a set schedule—just come in whenever you can and we’ll put you to work. Check the schedule page for up-to-date hours.

Have a specialized talent or skill you would like to contribute to YBP? Email us or attend a collective meeting to let us know!