Coordinators and Collective Members are the lifeblood of the Yellow Bike Project. Coordinators run YBP’s Open and Volunteer Shops, along with performing other important functions including organizing the shop, ordering tools and parts, answering email, managing finances, and accommodating special requests and community partnerships. Coordinators also form YBP’s Collective Council, governing our non-profit organization through consensus decision-making. If you’ve spent some time volunteering at YBP and would like to get even more involved, become an Apprentice!

Once you’ve volunteered at least 24 hours at YBP within a three-month period, attend a Collective Meeting to announce your interest in apprenticing. Like a coordinator, you’ll commit yourself to an Open or Volunteer Shop on that month’s schedule. Each shop is run by at least three coordinators, but it is helpful to choose a coordinator or two that you work with most closely to act as a mentor. While you’re apprenticing, you will continue to hone your mechanical knowledge while learning all the ins and outs of shop operations, policies, and procedures. You’ll also learn more about Collective governance and the consensus process, along with critical aspects of YBP culture such as creating a safe and empowering space for all shop users, working with kids, and knowing the history of how we went from releasing a handful of Yellow Bikes to building a permanent home on Webberville Road.


When you and your mentor(s) think you’re ready to become a full Coordinator and Collective Member, you’ll be nominated at the Collective Meeting. Your mentor(s) will give the Collective one month to to address any concerns, and at the following meeting, the Collective will either approve your nomination or ask that you continue your apprenticeship.

Joining the Collective and coordinating are big commitments with lots of responsibilities, but there are plenty of rewards, as well. Coordinators have 24–7 access to the shop, and are entitled to new parts like tubes, tires, cables, and chains at wholesale prices. They can also special-order any parts and accessories from our distributors at cost. Most rewarding of all, you’ll become an absolutely vital part of incredible community resource, an experience many of us have described as life-changing.