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Our shop is an educational facility open to anyone who wants to learn about fixing and riding bikes. At YBP, we don’t fix your bike for you—we show you how to fix it yourself.

People visit YBP for all sorts of reasons—from donating old parts to shopping for new ones, from learning about bikes to earning bikes. We schedule a variety of shop types to serve these different uses. Read below about the different ways you can utilize the shop and check our current schedule.

Location: 1216 Webberville Road
Directions:  Located 4 miles east of I35 at the intersection of 12th St and Webberville Rd.


Ways to Use the Shop

Personal Use: Personal use means visiting the shop to work on your own bike, or to shop for bikes or parts. During our Community Workshops, you can fix your own bike and work on personal projects. YBP has all the tools you’ll need for virtually any repair, and knowledgeable shop coordinators on hand to help you use them. We also have a large stock of inexpensive used parts and accessories available to replace broken bits or to build something up from scratch; a small selection of new parts and accessories such as tubes, tires, cables and housing, blinky lights, and locks at standard retail prices; and refurbished, ready-to-ride bikes for sale.

You’re welcome to browse for bikes and parts anytime we’re open, but we highly encourage trying to shop during our Retail Hours, as this allows Coordinators at our Community and Volunteer Shops to devote more of their time to teaching and assisting with repairs. YBP is open during Retail Hours for sales and to accept donations ONLY.

While everyone is free to utilize the shop to keep their own wheels rolling, we ask that you try to volunteer time back equal to your personal use.

Volunteer Use: Volunteer use means visiting the shop to help us repair donated bikes, sort parts and tools, and lend a hand wherever it’s needed. Volunteers are welcome during both Community Workshops and Volunteer Shops. There are all kinds of great reasons to volunteer at YBP. It’s a perfect way to learn all about bicycle mechanics—especially those repairs that may seem overwhelming or intimidating to try on your own bike. You can also sign up for our popular Earn-a-Bike program—after amassing the requisite skills and volunteer time, you get to pick out a free bike to fix up and keep.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of YBP, coordinating shops, and performing all the critical functions big and small that make YBP go. If you’ve spent some time volunteering, dig it, and want to get more involved, talk to a coordinator about apprenticing.

Donations: Along with volunteers, the other critical ingredient to YBP’s existence is donated bicycles and parts. YBP accepts donations of most anything bicycle-related, including complete bikes, frames, components, accessories, tools—if you’ve seen it at YBP, someone probably donated it. Donating your old bikes and parts is a fantastic way to support YBP. One person’s rusty ten-speed is another person’s Earn-a-Bike, and that coaster-braking twenty-inch your kids have outgrown has another kid waiting to pedal it somewhere. We accept donations in all states of repair, fixing everything we can and responsibly disposing of anything we can’t. YBP is a 501c(3) non-profit, and all donations are tax-deductible. Along with material support, monetary donations are always appreciated. You can deliver donations to the shop any time we’re open—during Daytime Hours, Community, and Volunteer Shops.

Community Service Restitution (CSR) – Court-ordered CSR hours can be fulfilled at YBP, as well as community service hours required by educational institutions. Come by during any Community or Volunteer Shop, and we’ll put you to work. CSR tasks usually include cleaning, groundskeeping, and sorting parts, but it’s not unusual for folks doing CSR to end up doing some wrenching, too. All in all, YBP’s a pretty fun and educational place to do your time. (Hours volunteered towards court-ordered community service don’t count towards Earn-a-Bike or apprenticeship.) Don’t forget your paperwork! While we keep track of all users’ hours on our database, your sign-in on the shop computer is purely for our own records. Making sure your hours are signed off by a coordinator each time you visit is your responsibility.

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