Webberville Shop

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Webberville Shop is Now Open!

After years of negotiations, fundraising, planning and hard work, the permanent Webberville Road location of the YBP community bike shop officially opened on May 1, 2010. Thanks to everyone who made this a reality!

About the site

The site is 3/4 of an acre at the intersections of 12th Street, Webberville Road, and Springdale Road, next to Sims Elementary. All three streets have major bike lanes, which we took to be a good sign. We currently have a fifty-year lease on the site, with a one hundred-year option, meaning that our Webberville location is effectively permanent! Since we were fortunate enough to have such a large plot of land included in our lease from the City of Austin, we planted an organic garden behind the shop, which is irrigated by 10,000 gallons of rainwater collected off the YBP shop roof.

About the building

We constructed a 3,000 square foot warehouse, much like our old facility on 51st street. With the generous support of several volunteer architects, we designed the space to be as comfortable as possible using passive heating/cooling and day-lighting techniques. We also partnered with Austin Energy to install solar panels on the roof of the shop, which gather lots of green energy to feed back into the grid.


Yellow Bike raised $200,000 in donations for the construction of its permanent headquarters, and used a microloan program to raise the remaining construction costs. We asked supporters of our mission for the capital to literally build community in the form of the new YBP headquarters. We raised $100,000 through microloans, and within just over two years of the Webberville shop’s opening, we had fully repaid our debts! For more details visit our microloan page.

Thanks to our generous supporters

Yellow Bike volunteers, the City of Austin, Mike McHone, Urban Design Group, Andrew W. Clements, S&G Contractors, Tank Town, Iona Bruckner, Mike Cronomiz, and everyone who donated and loaned capital to make our Webberville headquarters a reality!