About YBP

Yellow Bike Project (YBP) was started in 1997 and we are a 501c(3) non-profit bicycle recycling and education facility.

Our Mission:

Reuse bicycles and to provide tools, workspace, and guidance for all.

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YBP is located at 1216 Webberville Road in Austin, Texas, and is an educational facility open to anyone who wants to learn about fixing and riding bikes. At YBP, we don’t fix your bike for you—we show you how to fix it yourself. The Webberville Shop (view schedule) has twelve fully equipped work-stands and a large selection of used parts, frames, and bikes in various stages of repair. We also offer ready-to-ride used bikes at affordable prices.

Use of the shop is free to the public, but we ask that you volunteer time back equal to what you use for personal projects to help keep this community resource alive.  If you don’t have time to volunteer, donations are also appreciated.  From our founding in 1997 until autumn of 2013, YBP was a 100% all-volunteer organization. While we now employ a small staff, we are still fully supported by volunteer time and donated bikes and parts—volunteers continue to coordinate our Community and Volunteer Shops, and all kinds of other tasks and responsibilities.  For more information check out our Community Bike Shop, Get Involved, and Q and A pages.

YBP has many active and past projects aimed at getting people on bikes. Special projects are targeted towards children and those without the means of purchasing bikes. View our Special Projects and Kids’ Programs pages for more details. We also support making the streets of Austin safer; view our advocacy statement.

Take a look around the site to learn more, and come visit us at the shop!


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