Yes! Women, Trans and Femmes have a bike shop of their own at YBP.
We know that bike mechanics is not a “male thing” but we also know that some people may feel intimidated by the gender construct that weighs heaviliy on it.
YBP has hosted “Lady Bike” shops for some time with different degrees of frequency, but always with great success. So now we upped a notch both in frequency and in scope. Starting February we’ll have a “Women/Trans/Femme” bike shop from 11am to 3pm the second Sunday of every month for the foreseeable future hosted by female professional bike mechanic and coordinators.
Women, Trans and Femmes will always be welcome at all our shops. But if you would rather be in a bro free bike shop, now you have that space once a month.
Yes, Dude-Free WTF at YBP!