The Yellow Bike Hilltop Restoration Project

Greetings one and all.

The Yellow Bike project operates a community bike shop at 1216 Webberville road, in Council District 1 and the East MLK neighborhood planning area. We got a grant from the Mayors office, called Love Your Block, to revitalize our front yard.  We want to make sure that this public space is both appreciated by our neighbors, but is also a healthy, sustainable landscape.  To make that happen, we are hosting a series of work days in October that will make the space more comfortable (building benches and tables) and beautiful (planting, seeding and mulching).  Finally, we will have an open house party in November to make sure everyone can come and appreciate the amazing work we have done together.


Work Days:

1. Saturday October 11th, 1:00-5:00pm

Site Preparation (Bird Bench and Gathering Table).

  • Dig Holes
  • Pour concrete bases
  • Install mounting hardware.

2. Sunday October 12th, 1:00-5:00pm

Installation of bench and table.

  • Assemble and install bench to base
  • Assemble and install table frame.
  • Pour concrete table-top, add bike parts.

3. Sunday October 19, 9:00-12:00pm

Soil Preparation and Seeding

  • Dig/till compacted soil
  • Seed/Seed balls
  • Compost dressing

4. Sunday October 26,  9:00-12:00pm

Planting and Mulching

  • Plant woody seedlings
  • Plant grass bare-roots
  • Mulch paths and borders

5. Saturday November 22nd, 2:00-4:00 pm


  • Eat/drink refreshments
  • Meet your neighbors
  • Enjoy the view.


Important information:

  • All workdays are in the front yard of the Yellow Bike Shop, 1216 Webberville Road, 78721.
  • Please bring gloves, hats, water, sunscreen and that sort of stuff.

Contact with any questions.