Yellow Bike News for June 2014

It’s a YBP (Birthday?) Party!

It might be a sign of our age (we turned 17 last month), but we never had much of a birthday party. Well, this month’s collective meeting featured a proposal we just couldn’t refuse: a big ol’ party! When Thunderbird barista Jesse Hunt arrived in Austin a few years back, he took advantage of YBP’s Earn-A-Bike Program and has kept us in his thoughts ever since. Well, now they want to throw a party for Yellow Bike, show off their thirty-something new beer taps, and give 100% of beer sales to the Yellow Bike’s burgeoning kid’s program, which is set to begin this Fall. The party will get rolling just after this month’s Frankenbike, which is celebrating its own 9-year anniversary down at Ozone Bikes.

In addition to all the beer, there’s going to be a raffle and the winner gets a voucher for any bike they see over at the shop. If you haven’t been lately, there are some sweeeeet bikes, too.

When: June 28th, post-Frankenbike, circa 5pm.

Where: Thunderbird Coffee, at Koenig/2222 & Woodrow

Why: Beer. Bicycles. Birthdays. Indoctrinating youth in the ways of two wheels.

Pedicab Prom!

Speaking of fundraising, it’s a good month for Yellow Bike and cyclists who like to get down. The 3rd annual Pedicab Prom is set to go down tonight, Monday, June 9th at the Vulcan Gas Company and proceeds are going to be split between Yellow Bike and Bike Austin. It’s a 21+ event with a $10 suggested donation at the door and once you’re in, there’s three bands, Piranah Killer Sushi, new pedicab calendars and more. Oh, and if you’re looking to ride, this week’s Bikin’ Betties ride is going to crash the party.

Bring Us Your Credit & Debit Cards!

We know you’ve done it before – you’ve come wanting to buy parts and found yourself without cash. Well, the days of sending you to the fry shack down the way are gone – Yellow Bike has surfed the wave of the future and we now have an old iPhone 3GS with which to run Square and take all your credit and debit transactions. So if you’ve been put off by our cash-only ways, be deterred no more! Our mechanics are cranking out some great mountain, road, commuter and cruiser bikes and we’re ready for your plastic.