Yellow Bike News for March 2014

The Modern Moloch

It is with the heaviest of broken hearts that we once again begin a newsletter with our deepest condolences to the victims of a tragedy. As of this writing, three human beings are gone forever from the lives of their families and friends. More remain in the hospital, and scores of witnesses to the terrible incident that occurred during SXSW are coping with the trauma of what they experienced.

The nature of this vehicular rampage may seem much different than the automobile fatalities we’ve become so dreadfully familiar with, but its outcome is brutally similar. The horror caused by a single car, the loss of precious, irreplaceable lives. The victims of a single driver joining those lost to hit and runs, to drunk drivers, those slaughtered by a means of transportation that too easily becomes a means of destruction when its operator loses touch with the sanctity of the lives on the other side of the windshield.

We don’t hate cars—at least not most of us—and most of us drive as well as ride our bikes. But we all agree that this needs to stop. It’s not sustainable. It’s not sane. We want justice, but justice isn’t enough. We want a culture that regards all automobile fatalities with the depth of grief and suffering that automobile fatalities actually cause. We ride knowing that it could have been us. We ride knowing it wasn’t. We ride knowing it doesn’t need to be like this. We may never have gotten to know these souls, but we will not forget them.


Thanks to our fantastic volunteers, there’s a whole lot of people who won’t have to drive during next weekend’s music festival. The HONK!TX Festival of Community Street Bands returns on Friday, March 21 through Sunday, March 23. Brass bands from all over the country will arrive in Austin to fill our public spaces with free music, spectacle, and community. YBP is once again proud to be providing a fleet of loaner bikes to these volunteer performers. Many of you have been wrenching away over the last couple months to make this transportational support possible, so reward yourselves by shaking a leg in your favorite neighborhood parks and places! You can check out the full schedule of events at

No Cash, No Problem

We’re pleased to announce that after years of accepting cash and check only, YBP is now able to process debit and credit cards during our retail hours, Tuesdays through Saturdays, 11am–6pm. Our all-volunteer Open and Volunteer-Only Shops will remain cash and check only while the daytime staff are working out the bookkeeping kinks.