Yellow Bike News for August 2013

That Summer Conundrum

As we mentioned last month, summertime tends to take a serious toll on our shop schedule. Yellow Bike Project coordinators are parents, they’re students, they love to travel, they get sick and have emergencies, and sometimes it’s just too dang hot out and they need a break.

The problem is, summertime is also a big time of year at the shop. Everybody’s out riding their bikes. The only thing Austinites love more than griping about the heat is the bragging rights that come with sweatin’ it out. The nights are filled with blinking lights, a twinkling sixteen year old dream come true. The kids are out of school, and want to check out this giant crazy warehouse where their friend built a bike. The shop is busy.

So, think of this as an invitation to you, parent, student, traveler, human, cyclist. Come put the community in community bike shop. Come help out and learn alongside the kids. Come exercise those wrenching skills you tuned your own bike with. Get your neat-freak on and help us continue to make the shop a more inviting and productive environment. Ask us about apprenticing. It’s good for you. It’s good for bikes. It’s fun. It’s a proven life-changer. Get into it.

Big Things Coming

With the construction of the Webberville shop, it was clear that the big picture for YBP was growing in scope. Space security is an enormous deal for organizations like ours, be they bike shops, thrift stores, radio stations, bookstores—any kind of small collective trying to make things happen, and trying not to spend all their time and energy on picking up and moving every year or two. We are supremely lucky to have a permanent home. We have a responsibility to that luck, because it took a lot of hard work to win it.

It’s been a quiet summer, but there’s a great leap forward on the way. Stay tuned.