YBP News for May 2013

YBP Turns Sweet Sixteen

In 1997, a scruffy gang of cyclists in the heart of Texas grabbed some beat-up old bikes and a few cans of yellow paint, and set forth on a bold experiment in alternative transportation. Who could imagine that sixteen years later, the Yellow Bike Project would be the thriving community bike shop that it is today?

Meet us at the shop this Saturday, May 18, 6pm-midnight to celebrate being old enough to drive, but putting our mettle to bicycle pedals instead. We’ve got jams all night long from Ouiness, Mike & the Soda Jerks, Black Ocean Parking Lot, OBNOSTICON, and Farrago Ensemble, tasty refreshments, and one dollar raffle tickets for a smooth, sky blue Swobo Folsom single-speed with disc brakes.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without all y’all, so please join us at 1216 Webberville to toast sixteen years of blood, sweat and gears.

Every Month is Bike Month (But Especially May)

Our anniversary is just part of what makes May so merry. It’s officially Bike Month in Austin, and while we don’t need no calendar to tell us when to ride, there’s plenty of added incentives to spin those legs this time of spring. Our birthday is weekend is bookended by two other beloved velo-events that’ll keep your legs pumping for three days straight.

Friday, May 17 is Bike to Work Day 2013, rewarding your self-propelled commute with free eats all over town. Check out the morning and afternoon stations for all the breakfast and happy hour motivation you need to crank through your nine-to-five.

Finally, wrap up your weekend of velopleasures with a glimpse of car-free paradise at VIVA STREETS! on Sunday, May 19, noon-5pm. Austin’s take on the Colombian-born ciclovias that are spreading to cities throughout the world, VIVA STREETS! is a celebration of public space and a snapshot of what streets could be if it weren’t for all those pesky automobiles. Ride, walk, run, dance, rollerskate, or pogo up and down Sixth Street between Brazos and Robert T. Martinez. Have a picnic or play some pick-up soccer. Check out the parade and vendor and sponsor booths, or imagineer some fun all your own. Whose streets? Our streets!

Communities in Schools Bike Drive

Communities in Schools Site Coordinators at Webb and Dobie Middle Schools are preparing summer programs that will allow youth to explore their city on two wheels. To make sure there’s a saddle for every student, YBP is encouraging donations of 24” and 26” bikes suitable for sixth-graders. Did your adolescent just growth-spurt their way to a full-size frame? We’ll be happy to take that old curb-hopper off your hands, fix it up, and pass it on to the caring mentors at CIS.