Youth Classes and Registration

Check out our Kids Only Open ShopTuesday through Friday 3pm-6pm.

Teaching your kids early on how to maintain, repair and safely operate a bicycle on the streets gives the gift of a lifelong relationship with a healthy, environmentally-friendly hobby and lifestyle. Just imagine trying to drive without taking driver’s ed – scary, right? Kids should be acquainted with the rules of the road and how to ride on them.

Our staff is a team of daily, transportation cyclists and bicycle mechanics who have worked with children to teach them not only the basics of bicycle mechanics and how to take care of their own bicycles, but also how to ride safely on the streets of Austin, Texas. We have learned from the bottom up how to fix flat tires, rebuild drivetrains, and navigate the busy streets of a growing city, and with our classes, your children will soon be safely and confidently riding their bicycles to school!

Yellow Bike Project is now offering courses geared specifically towards young people! Students can learn basic mechanics while they build themselves a bicycle to bring home or donate. They will also have the opportunity to learn road safety and route planning while going on group rides. After our classes, students will be riding safely and confidently as they get to know their city in a whole new way! They will activate their minds and bodies while they gain new perspectives and develop independence


Questions? Email or call the shop at (512) 524-5299



Group Parties and Workshops: Austin Yellow Bike Project is happy to host your next group event or meeting. We offer fun and engaging workshops for kids of all ages. If you have a youth group that would be interested in developing skills, learning about safe commuting and giving back to the community, then contact us with your interest at