Youth Classes and Registration

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Teaching your kids early on how to maintain, repair and safely operate a bicycle on the streets gives the gift of a lifelong relationship with a healthy, environmentally-friendly hobby and lifestyle. Just imagine trying to drive without taking driver’s ed – scary, right? Kids should be acquainted with the rules of the road and how to ride on them.

Our staff is a team of daily, transportation cyclists and bicycle mechanics who have worked with children to teach them not only the basics of bicycle mechanics and how to take care of their own bicycles, but also how to ride safely on the streets of Austin, Texas. We have learned from the bottom up how to fix flat tires, rebuild drivetrains, and navigate the busy streets of a growing city, and with our classes, your children will soon be safely and confidently riding their bicycles to school!

Yellow Bike Project is now offering courses geared specifically towards young people! Students can learn basic mechanics while they build themselves a bicycle to bring home or donate. They will also have the opportunity to learn road safety and route planning while going on group rides. After our classes, students will be riding safely and confidently as they get to know their city in a whole new way! They will activate their minds and bodies while they gain new perspectives and develop independence

Actual cost for classes is $200. We strive to not turn anyone away for lack of funds and so do offer a siding scale rate as well as full scholarships for those that are unable to pay the full cost. Our sliding scale fees are 40% and 60% of our full rate. You decide what you can pay. Space is limited. To ensure that we have the funds available please contact us at if you are interested in a subsidized rate or scholarship.


Full Cost : $200
40% subsidy: $120
60% subsidy: $80

Enrollment is first come first served and all youth program fees are non refundable and non transferable.

Sign up today and get your kid wrenching!


Young Riders: Get out of the car, get outside, and join the Yellow Bike Project after-school, human-powered adventure in Austin.  We ride bikes to explore all the fun spots to stay cool and see Austin from a new perspective.  Kids will learn the basics of bike safety, simple repairs, and all the safe bike routes to get to their favorite places.

The Yellow Bike Project will provide bikes, safety equipment, and snacks. It is designed for youth in grades 5th through 8th. Students should bring appropriate, comfortable clothing and a good attitude. Students will need to be able to ride a bike for at least 20 minutes between breaks prior to registering for the class.  Since the level of challenge and instruction will build on previous sessions, families should review the schedule prior to registering in order to ensure that students will be able to attend all of the scheduled classes.

Young Riders Series meets every Friday from 4-7pm beginning September 16th until October 21st.

Register and pay for Young Riders Series

Youth Build-A-Bike: During this 10-week course, students will learn all the basic mechanic skills necessary to keep their bikes in working order. From flat tires to hub overhauls to brake adjustments, students will learn it all through instructor demonstrations and hands-on trial and error. After they’ve mastered a checklist of repair skills, they will bring home a bike for themselves or for someone they love! Students are also welcome to donate the bike they build, if they already have wheels at home, to their choice of one of the many organizations we support.

These classes are designed for youth in grades 5th through 8th. 

Youth Build-A-Bike Series meets every Tuesday from 4-5:45pm starting September 13th and ending November 15th.

Register and pay for Build-A-Bike Series

Group Parties and Workshops: Austin Yellow Bike Project is happy to host your next group event or meeting. We offer fun and engaging workshops for kids of all ages. If you have a youth group that would be interested in developing skills, learning about safe commuting and giving back to the community, then contact us with your interest at