Past YBP Locations

Monroe Street Shop—closed March 2010 (map)
Address: 411 W. Monroe
About: Space provided by the Austin Musicians’ Health Clinic.  This satellite shop was housed in a large climate controlled warehouse shared with various other organizations, providing a temporary outpost between the closure of the Treasure City shop and the grand opening of our Webberville home.

treasure city

Treasure City Shop—closed December 2009 (map)
Address: 1720 East 12th
About: Hosted by Treasure City Thrift at their former home on 12th and Leona, this space originally served as a small satellite location, but became YBP’s sole facility after the closure of the 51st Street shop. Our friends at Treasure City continue to supply us with one of our most critical tools—rags!

51st Street Shop—closed July 2008 (map)
Address: 2013 East 51st
About: Serving as YBP’s headquarters from 2001 to 2008, the 51st Street shop was housed in a 3000 square foot warehouse owned by the City of Austin. It had eight work stands and an outdoor storage yard. It was this rent-free space provided by the City that allowed YBP to grow into the organization it is today.

Wheatsville Shop—closed January 2007 (map)
Address: 3101 Guadalupe
About: A small YBP satellite shop, housed in a storage shed behind Wheatsville Food Co-op.

Hargrave Shop—closed 2001 (map)
Address: 1182 Hargrave
About: This was the first YBP shop sponsored by the City of Austin, and served as the YBP main shop from 1998 to 2001.

Johanna St. Shop—closed 1998
Address: 419 W. Johanna
About: The very first official YBP location, serving for the first year of YBP’s illustrious life, in the backyard of some of our wonderful founders.