Bikes To Schools Program

Bikes to Youth” – YBP offers an opportunity for various area schools and other programs serving local youth to apply for a grant to receive refurbished used bikes, helmets, light sets, and locks to be donated to individuals enrolled in the school/program.  Applicants for this grant are also eligible and encouraged to apply for the Tools and Training grant as well.

Apply for the program by filling out the application form, and sending to, attention Education Coordinator.  The collective will review the application at the next collective meeting, held on the first Tuesday of every month, and make a decision whether YBP has the resources to approve the application at this time.   The YBP Education Coordinator will then inform the applicant of the collective’s decision.

Once approved, the YBP Education Coordinator will invite the grant recipients to the next collective meeting to receive the grant and/or arrange for delivery of items that can’t be picked up at that time.   Grant recipients are encouraged to seek ongoing support by attending YBP shops as needed.

Donations for the 2006 – 2007 School Year
Austin Discovery School 30 Bikes (Newsletter: 2006-11)
Sims Elementary – Donation planned for early December 2006 (Newsletter: 2006-09)

Donations for the 2005 – 2006 School Year
Winn Elementary 12 Bikes
Andrews Elementary 42 Bikes
Blanton Elementary 10 Bikes
Harris Elementary 25 Bikes
Total was 89 Bikes